Wednesday, November 29, 2006

first loves pt2

Ok I know that I got off topic a little, but here is a question, what is a first love1? I mean yes its the first person that you fall in love with, but, what I want to know is what makes you fall in love with that person? I know what made me fall in love with my first love, and I think I know what made him fall in love with me, and thats all that matters to me, but its the feeling when you are around that person, the person you first fell in love with. Some people feel like when you are around them nothing and no one can hurt you, some feel right at home, and if your like me you just know that you belong with that person when you are around them and when your not around them you miss them so much that even when you know their phone is off you will call it just to hear thier voice. Yea I'v done that so many times its well not really sad, just well wonderful, I feel so strongly for him that I can't stand not being around him.

Now I know that many people have different views on this subject and I'm wondering what they are. so please answer my questions.

1. What made you fall in love with your first love?

2. Do you remember how you felt when you realized you loved that person?

3. Do you remember everything about that person you fell in love with?

4 if you remebere how you felt when you realized you loved that person, and you remember everything about that person, isn't that magic? even if its from the heart?


Anonymous said...

From someone who's old enough to be your mother, easily....

1. You can fall in love with lots of people. You can fall in love with the same person, years, or even decades apart. 1st love? I was in love each time I fell in love in highschool. So that makes 3 guys. I thought I loved them. HA. But at 17 I met someone who made all those former "loves" absolutely pale in comparison.
It was chemistry. Plain and simple. He was exciting, gorgeous, a bit hard to pin down, and there was the whole physical thing that I hadn't experienced before. He got me hook line and sinker. He also smoked and drank and was immature in a hundred other ways.

2. Realized I loved him? It took a couple of weeks to fall for him. By then he filled my every waking moment. But I broke up with him a couple of years later. Not because I wasn't still crazy about him, but because he didn't charish me, in a nut shell.

More interesting was falling in love with him all over again 20 years later. This time around, as a grown up, he could appreciate me. And what a difference. It was late one night, when all the sudden the full blow hit me. I had a deep everlasting connection with this person. It's a scary thing. Particularly when it's illegal.

3. Remember everything? Actually I thought I did remember quite a bit. But my diary's I dug out one day, proved I'd forgotten tons of things and feelings I had had. He really was a pain to date. He made me cry way too often.

4. Magic?
Magic is in the moments. Lots of life takes place between magical moments. And that's the place we live day to day. Magic can be addicting. Magic is fleeting. You can strive to keep that magic and forget to live your life. You can try to hold the magic in your hands, and the harder you try to keep it the more elusive it becomes. Magic is something that the memory of which will keep us warm long into our old age.

All long loves mature. Into something bigger than magic. The magic becomes more deep, more meaningful than the extacy of a fluttering heart. And that makes the magic, when it happens, more amazing, more wonderful....

iceman said...
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Rainy Pete said...

My first love was the usual schoolyard fluff. We were crazy about each other until the seasons changed and then moved on to other things. I was sure my world would end, but here I am 17 years later. I was smitten with her smile and happy nature.

I was surprised and a little scared, because I had no idea how to tell her. I was afraid if I told her she'd run off or laugh at me. I've long since learned that not taking a risk with your feelings is to not take an opportunity. Safe is comfortable but it gets tiresome. Once I got past the fear I was excited at the possibilities offered up and spent days figuring out the possible outcomes.

There's little I can clearly remember about her beyond her laugh and smile. Sure I remember her name and her general appearance, but I think it wouldn't be able to pick her out of a crowd if I saw her.

As for magic, I find it to be elusive to those that seek it. Magic comes from the little things that make us know that we matter. Magic is not about a limousine full of roses, or an exotic holiday. Magic comes in the everyday. A mug of hot chocolate brought to you when you need it by someone who knows you so well. These little things that are so overlooked are what makes a real love last the time. The care and the respect instead of the flash and glamour are what make me tick. Long after the flowers have wilted and the credit card for the limo is paid off you will still be there for each other. Someone to help take care of you when you are sick. Someone you will give your heart and soul to, knowing that they can be trusted with it. That's the real magic. I've found in my short time as married fellow that the things that make most people think of as magic are really nice, but there's more magic in the everyday if you know where to look. You get the idea, I hope, so I'll go before ramble on too long. It's your blog after all not mine. ;-)

cindy said...

well to a point I would agree with you about magic, however if you think about it, its almost the same thing as saying we had sparks between us. You know what I'm saying? I mean keeping your relationship and happy and fun as it was in lets say high school, and having that same feelings now what is that if not magic that you yourself have made?