Tuesday, November 28, 2006

today's life

Well I know that many of you think that woman aren't as strong as men. Well to those of you well your wrong. Woman are just as strong if not stronger than men. We have to deal with much more than you do.

Yes you have to go to work and make the money so your family can have a home and food. Well women have to do the same thing, we have men who think they have the right to take whatever woman they want, and when that happens sometimes that woman gets pregnet, and she has to do it all. She has to go to work and make the money to make sure she and her child has a home, she has to rise her child, protect her child, and everything else, keep the house clean, and make sure they will both be ok. We also have to deal with the men that think it is ok to tell women who they can and cannot talk to. And the men who feel the need to de-face women online and by word of mouth.

When a woman is de-faced online and by word of mouth it is hard for us to get back the resecpt that we deserve. If it is online, we don't know how many people have read it, or how different people will take. If it is by word of mouth, well than its harder, people talk more trash about women than they do about men. So we have to have the strength to pick ourselfs up and dust off and continue with our lives.


Rainypete said...

I've found that some of the strongest people I know are women. Many of the men I know are unable to handle situations that most women could deftly cope with. The juggling of all the realities of life and the expectations of them based on gender is quite the accomplishment indeed.

As for trash talking, I think it's because women are smart enough to try and work through it that people will open their mouths. Most men respond to criticism with a closed mind or hostility ....... sad really.

cindy said...

I would agree but there are also some women who like to think they are stonger then men, when in reality they are not. Not all women are strong. Alot of them are however I won't deny that, we do have much more things to worry about than men do. However most men also like to let there women relax and they take care of bringing in the income and what not leaving us to take care of the house, which also takes alot of strength.