Sunday, December 31, 2006


Back in June I left the man I love to help a friend drive down to TX it was a long drive, I did that with the promise that I would be send back home 2 weeks later, well that didn't happen. The time I spend away from my home was the longest time in my life. The time I spend away from my family was also long however needed, but thats not the point here. I know that everyone has to leave thier parents at sometime in thier lives.

The point here is I didn't want to leave home for good than I wanted to stay close to the one's I loved. Well that time I spend away did some good for me. It made me realize that I truely do love him and I want him in my life always. It was something him and I both needed. I guess doing things we don't want to do but have to do is good for us at times. But I also at the same time have grown to like it just were I am now. But again I want to go home and now I have to. so I guess it comes in handy also.

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