Friday, December 1, 2006


OK everyone listen up. Its not everyday you will hear this and I'm sorry for that. Some of you have agreed with what I've had to say, I'v had some good comments back from them and I do like what I was told, KSY what you told me made sense and I couldn't agree more, from someone young enough to be your daughter. lol.

However what alot of people have forgotten or just don't want to admit is that there are men just as strong as women. No not in the sense that they can give birth to a child, but there are men who have to do what women do. I have a friend and he is raising two kids on his own, and working. Now I'm not going to say his name or anything for his privacy. But alot of people don't take into consideration that there are single parent families that only men are taking care of the family, now I myself don't have any kids, I know people that do and I have helped them with thier kids from time to time. They tell me that its hard work and its also very rewarding to watch thier kids grow and I'm not going to dissagree with that at all. They are right and I cannot argue with them when they tell me I have no idea what its like to have kids, what I do know it that its very rewarding in the end. Ok I got off my subject a little bit so let me get back to it. Those men who have to take care of thier kids on they're own with out help or with out a mother, well they have to be strong for both himself and his child and that maynot always be easy. If its a son they are raising well than it maybe a little easier. But every father wants to protect their little girl through out her life, same thing with thier sons, I'm not saying they don't care what happens to them, but men teach sons to look after themselfs right? I mean they will learn how to handle certain situations and what not, but a man's daughter is well his heart, am I right? If your a parent and you are reading this please tell me, so I know if I'm talking out of my ass on this one.

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