Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Ok well I've read some interesting comments that have been left on here, and I have to say that to have the ability to say that something frightened you or something like that takes alot of strength. I mean most people, ok well I should say most guys will almost never admit to being afraid of something. Personaly I think thats bull shit. Now before anyone gets mad at me for this statement please allow me to explain.

Most men feel that they need to be the main breadmaker for the home ( the only one that works) they feel that any test to them is dissresecptful or something like that, and if anyone says they are weak or afraid than they have to fight to get that resecpt back. Ok that is bull shit right there, I'm sorry. If I heard a man say that he was afraid or something, I would think he was or is more of a man for being able to say that. I mean hell how much strenght would he have to have to say that. And as for weak, well everyone is weak with one thing or another right?

I dated a man that wasn't afraid to admit anything at all, he would tell me everything, and I think he is more of a man than any man I know, I also think he is a very strong person for being able to say that to me or to anyone.

But one thing that men have to worry about that women don't, is thier father. A father wants to know that thier sons are strong men and can do anything, and if they see that thier son is afriad or weak or something like that than all that father does is knock down their sons, and that is also bull shit.

To the men that read this, if you know what I'm talking about or if your a father please tell me what you think.


Rainypete said...

I'm a Dad and was lucky enough to be raised by a man that wasn't afraid of feelings. It didn't matter if you were scared or needed to cry, you could do so. I hope that I can pass this same thing along to my son as the macho crap just doesn't make sense to me at all. Keeping everything all bottled up so you seem strong is just counterproductive.

cindy said...

Than your more of a man than most men are today. I beleive that a real and true man is someone who isn't afraid to show their feelings, you got lucky, there are lots of men, and boys who have fathers that tell them not to show thier feelings. I'm happy for you.