Friday, August 31, 2007

A point of view

To all those who read this still you may think that this entry is just another neive girl's opion and she don't know what the hell she's talking about. Well when we are young we are taught what to beleive and what is real. Well if you want to really think about life, nothing seems as real as it should be. Nothing that happenes to you is what you thought would happen to you untill it has. We are raised to beleive that love is this wonderful thing that don't take much work. Both people know one another so well that everything just falls into place. And your lives just go together. Well thats isn't always the case. I don't think I can even come close tosaying how hard it is to keep love alive or going in a relationship. I never thought I'd be were I am now. Just a few short years ago I was happy without too much to worry about, and I"m sure there are alot of people out there that feel the same. But that isn't the point. I may throw a few things in this one from my life but I'll try not to do it that much.

When we are kids our parents take care of everything for us. All we had to worry about is what time to be home for dinner. Hell our moms even cleaned our rooms for us. Than as we grew up we got more responbilities come and for the most part of live we can handle it. Now there are a few people growing up that don't like the idea of having responbilities and they eighter just blow them off or pass them on to someone else. And thats how they get through life untill something hard its them and they fall right on thier ass. And to us that take what we have to do and do them, we tend to laugh at them and watch as they stress out about things to the rest of us seem normal. And even though there are some people like that out there that we would just like to take under our arms and help out as most as we can, we know we can't b/c those people won't learn a thing about life. And we all know we can't shelter people like that forever.

There are also people that don't want to admit that they have messed up, for what ever reasons. And don't do anything to try and fix what they have messed up. There are also people that will do what ever it takes to fix what they have messed up. And those people deserve resecpt, and ok we all know that we will still give that person some crap about it for awhile. But we always know what it must have taken to admit and fix what they have messed up.

Now there are some people that while they will admit and try to fx what they have done wrong and never be given the resecpt that they deserve. And to those type of people I'm sorry.

Now there are the women who never would of thought that at a certain age they would be a mother-to-be. And at times that can frighten that woman to death but they do what they have to do to take care of that child. Me I'm going to be a mother soon. I'm 23 and I didn't think I"d be a mother at the age of 23. I always thought I"d still be in school, working, or something. But I know I'm going to take care of my child as best as I can. Now I'm not saying I'm sorry I'm pregnet or anything like that. Its just the oposite really I'm happy and I'm happy as to who the father is. ( he shall not be named) And I know that he is also really happy and we will do our best to raise our child the best that we can.

That is just another point of view. That life never turnes out they way we want, thought, hoped, or dreamed. But we are still happy about how our lives are going.

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